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Connecting schools with parents & carers – case study


The project kicked off with a name and an idea. The idea was to offer schools an easy way to update parents and carers with news and alerts. The name was SchoolShare.

The goal was to deliver a product that required no training to understand and use.

The key to SchoolShare’s success would be to tap into the rising popularity of apps on mobiles and tablets as the preferred communication method for parents. More immediate than a letter through the post and more frequently checked than a website, the SchoolShare app would deliver relevant information with little additional effort from already busy teachers and school staff.

After bouncing ideas back and forth with the client, an identity, brand and design was chosen for the app. A detailed scoping discussion covered the functionality and design of the app and management portal, with an emphasis on ease of use and simplicity. The goal was to deliver a product that required no training to understand and use.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.41.24
Approved concept
Push notifications
A simple, easy to use system for teachers and school staff

The project consisted of iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Two management portals were also built, one for teachers and the other for the SchoolShare team to invite schools and provide support. In addition a simple web site to promote the app and direct users to download the apps was launched.


We enjoyed helping the SchoolShare team take their product from a concept to a fully fledged app solution with all the tools needed to grow and promote the product. As the user base expands with a national roll-out following a beta period, we look forward to working with the team to expand the features of the app even further.

Visit: schoolshareapp.co.uk

Chris Burton

Coder & Co-Founder