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In the event of an emergency…

Proceed directly to your designated gathering point. Do not stop to grab your coat, your bags or a cheeky cigarette.

Do not chat, dawdle or dilly-dally. Do not pass GO, do not collect £200. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your colleagues and visitors make it out of the office.


When you’re standing outside in the cold during a roll call that reminds you of your school days, it’s easy to forget why we have fire drills. The fire marshals in their high-vis vests, clipboards and the ‘record’ time to beat, it can all seem a bit silly. Until you picture this happening in a real emergency, until you consider what could happen to the ‘unaccounted for’.

Do you know who is in your office right now? If you’re a small team, you probably have a very good idea. A mid sized business? Well, you might know who is on holiday and which visitors are in the book, but as for staff, you might be relying on your colleagues knowing each other’s diaries. A larger office with several floors or perhaps a shared office space? The risk of missing someone is much greater.

With technology affecting and improving all areas of business, the visitor book has strangely been left behind. A relic, resurrected only for fire drills.

Using tablet PCs as touch screen kiosks, visitor management apps have finally addressed this, giving staff and visitors a quick and easy way to register on site. One such solution is Sign In App, developed locally here in Northamptonshire.


Sign In App is an iPad solution that sits on your reception desk, branded with your logo and corporate colours. The app is simple, allowing guests and your team to sign in, providing their name and company name, with any additional information you require such as who they are visiting, car registration or email address.

It’s a complete visitor management solution. With the option to wirelessly print visitor badges and capture photos with the built in camera, security is also improved. Frequent guests are remembered automatically and you have the option to pre-register expected visitors and VIPs. Staff can sign in and out using the same system and a complete history can be viewed and exported at any time.

A fire evacuation list can be accessed from the iPad itself or any internet connected device, giving you a live picture of exactly who is in the building at any time. Something you hope you’ll never have to rely on, but could be a life safer (literally) if you do.

Sign In App delivers a great first impression and peace of mind for £295.00 ex vat per year. Alternatively the full package which includes an iPad, printer, premium desk stand and one year license for the app is just £995.00 ex vat.

To find out more or to start a free 15 day trial, visit www.signinapp.com or email info@signinapp.com. If you’d like a demo of the full solution in action, contact the team and book a visit to their converted barn in Nobottle, near Duston.


Sign In App in Education

Sign In App is also an ideal solution for safeguarding in schools. With frequent visitors at schools and colleges including parents, carers and third parties, ensuring a complete record of people on site is critical.

Support for visitor badges and mandatory photos allow you to easily identify who is signed in and an online portal provides a detailed log of all visitors. All visitors must also agree to policies you provide before being provided with a badge.

Sign In App is trusted by schools nationwide and the team recently demonstrated the app at the Bett Show attended by 34,530 educators in London. If you would like to learn more about Sign In App in Education, please visit www.signinapp.com/education

Article previously posted on All Things Business

Chris Burton

Coder & Co-Founder