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The business of applications – Accenture technology trends 2014

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Global management consultancy firm Accenture has listed apps as one of the top 6 trends in technology for business in 2014 in its Technology Vision report. Not surprising perhaps, but the report does a good job of explaining in simple terms the shift in software development and the impact this is having on the existing IT landscape.

In the consumer world, application development has become the province of a new generation of developers eager to strike gold by creating the next Angry Birds or Evernote app for the mobile phone—applications that are smaller and simpler to use. That development approach is now moving into the enterprise, creating new applications for mobile, Web, and desktop platforms alike. The more quickly businesses can create and launch new applications in today’s turbulent markets, the better they can innovate, collaborate, improve customer experiences, and enrich personal interactions.

The report also outlines a 100 day plan to building a comprehensive app strategy and discusses the competencies needed to support a world of apps.

Over the next few years, we expect to see some striking examples of business groups that are much more engaged in the lifecycle of “their” own front-end apps. We anticipate something of a resurgence in custom development as leading companies view it as their best option for pursuing the objectives of a digital business.

Read the full report here.

Chris Burton

Coder & Co-Founder