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What we do – Business App Development

Business apps are replacing traditional software packages in offices as well as on the road

What is it you do?

When people ask me what we do at All Things Code, it just rolls off the tongue like it does for most when asked what our day job is. So I tell them, “We design and create responsive websites, business apps and social management strategies”.

People get the website and social part (if they don’t, I suggest the question was asked out of politeness over interest), however business apps is usually something I need to elaborate on. Not for a lack of knowledge of what an app is, as most have an understanding of that these days. Introducing custom apps into our businesses however is still at its inception.

Instead, the conversation today is often around which one of the main CRM or ERP players should we go for, a very sizable investment for any company.

Are custom apps right for me?

We’re having conversations with many businesses about custom apps that deliver on their business needs and objectives. If you’re considering software for your business I encourage you to talk to an agency that could design and build a solution specific to your needs. Our experience is that these are fun and deliver, unlike some previous projects I have worked on in the past.

Creating software designed around your business might sound daunting at first, but with the right partner, these projects are often fun, more cost effective and deliver a faster return on your investment.

I’m not saying for a second that it will be the way to go for every business but I truly believe there are many cases where it just makes sense, from a requirement and commercial perspective. Our belief is that businesses will swing to custom apps for their software requirements, so before making a huge investment maybe consider getting ahead of the game.

Some considerations I would make when selecting a software direction for one of my businesses:-

Now there are many other considerations but for me these quickly get you thinking about what you need from your business software. If you would like to chat through business software in more depth, or understand how custom apps could work for you, get in touch – hello@allthingscode.co.uk

Dan Harding