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App Development Case Study: LitterGram

The LitterGram app website developed and designed by All Things Code

The LitterGram website

The amount of litter on the streets of the UK costs taxpayers nearly £1 billion every year, and one man wants us all to come together to change that.

Danny Lucas, of The Lucas Group, noticed that Britain was slowly becoming a society of people who thought it was okay to litter and so began fighting to educate the country about the epidemic that litter and flytipping has become.

Danny began by reaching out to All Things Code to discuss possible avenues that could bring the country together and so LitterGram was created.

LitterGram is an easy-to-use app in which users take images of the litter and can share this to social media in order to show local councils exactly how untidy their districts and boroughs are.

The LitterGram app will empower everybody to create a change in society. We can engage with the public and start a massive clean up to make Britain Great again.
– Danny Lucas

LitterGram Feed
The LitterGram Newsfeed

How does LitterGram work?

Utilising the power of social media, LitterGram gives users the power to engage directly with their local council by sharing the pictures they take onto Twitter and automatically tagging the council directly responsible for the geographic location into the tweet.

The inclusion of a separate Council Portal allows local councils the opportunity to use LitterGram as an effective reporting tool, giving them access to exact locations and the ability to communicate with the user regarding the clean-up.

Through continued development, the LitterGram app – which is available on iOS and Android – is constantly adapting to the ways in which users can help their environment. To find out more about LitterGram or to download it to your device please visit the new LitterGram website: www.littergram.co.uk.

At All Things Code we pride ourselves on developing apps that can change the world; whether that’s helping a business transform their sales process, or helping to change society with LitterGram, we’re here to help. If you’ve got an app idea that you’d like to discuss please email us on info@allthingscode.co.uk or call 01604 866961.

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