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A Helping Hand: How a digital partner can help you do great things

A digital partner is more than just an agency you employ. They're the storytellers of your brand identity
A digital partner works alongside you to create a better brand identity

This last week has gone far too quick, in fact this month, and year, are going far too quickly for my liking. I could’ve sworn that I was unwrapping my presents and it was Christmas just yesterday.

During times of rapid amounts of work, the thing that can really run away from you is your digital presence; what your website is like, what you’re posting on Twitter, and the like. We’ve all been there, even outside of work, we’ve been just that little too preoccupied to post that picture, or that news article slipped your mind.

That is the beauty of a digital partner.

Digital partners are your brand storytellers

I say ‘Digital Partner’ because that’s exactly what a company like All Things Code is. Teaming up with you and help the digital side of your business – we work with you on branding and become your online storytellers; the Yin to your Yang, and your guide in the digital marketing space.

No matter the market that your business is in, no matter the niche, it’s still rather imperative to have a good digital marketing solution. Social media, search engine marketing, SEO, analytics, landing pages, the list can go on…

Within the digital marketing space, there are any number of options for you to take – myriad roads to go down, with an inordinate amount of people who can help you take control of your online perception, how do you know the kind of agency you should choose?

A good digital partner is one that ticks all the following boxes…

They listen & give advice

Do they listen to what you’re saying and provide valuable insights into what you want? A good digital partner isn’t a yes man, they offer alternatives and think of other avenues for you to go – after all, this is their home field and digital marketing is their game – it’s probable that they know more than you and should point you in the right direction.

They show passion & know what they’re talking about

The digital agency you’ve approached ask questions and get to know everything about your company, and what it is you want to gain from online marketing. Then you’re on to a winner.

They want to help you get the results you want, it’s no use giving you amounts of likes when your end game is conversations – a good digital partner will help you achieve your goals.

Honesty is the best policy

Just like in any relationship in the real world – a digital partnership is built on trust. You have to trust that they’re doing what they say they are, and that they’re being honest with you about everything.

You’ll be able to tell if they’re not – just like when you know the car mechanic is trying to pull a fast one – if they start ‘umming’ and ‘ahhhing’ and saying negative things, then chances are you’re being led for a fool; a good digital agency will see the problems and offer solutions, and if they happen to not know the answer to a particular problem, they’ll go out of their way to find it.

A digital partner is a resource, an extra arm of your business, and most importantly a PARTNER. Working together is what that relationship is about, after all, they’re essentially the people helping your business to look the best it can be – be sure to pick the best people for your business.

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Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content