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It’s popular and it’s new, but is an app really for you?

Is an app really for you?
Apps come with numerous benefits, but is it right for your business?

In all areas of business there are aspects that can be streamlined to increase productivity, or making your business more streamlined, but who’s to say that a bespoke app is the way to go?

Apps are a great way for you to effect a great change in any business, especially because it’s everywhere – and anywhere – you go. It’s in your pocket. The digital space is ever changing, ever evolving, and a mobile app is the way to stay at the forefront of this hugely developing world.

What can an app do for your business?

That really depends on what it is that you want to use an app for. A bespoke app is just that: bespoke. Which by definition is something that is made to order – whatever your business needs, a mobile app can deliver.

If you’re looking for something to streamline a specific part of your business, what is it that you’re intending to do? What is the end-game, so to speak, that you’re looking to achieve?

Maybe it’s the way in which you register people who come in and out of your office. A great example of this is All Things Code’s own Sign In app – offering you the stats on who comes and goes in a modern format.

a mobile app is the way to stay at the forefront of this hugely developing digital world.

You can see who’s in the building for an example, during a fire alarm, and know if anyone is missing in the madness of the emergency. It’s also a handy tool when partnered with Brother printers, and can print out visitor cards on arrival. Saving business time for SME’s – or all businesses in general – from the busy reception staff, or if you don’t have anyone on reception.

So now you’re asking yourself, ‘okay, but I still don’t know if I need an app’… Here’s a few reasons why you might just need something to help you and your business:

Always there

Check your pocket – wherever you go, your phone goes with you. So an app might be the easiest and best way for you to get the job done.

BYOD – or Bring Your Own Devices – is a steadily growing work ethic. Essentially meaning that more and more people are doing work on their own tablets and smartphones, maybe even on their wearables; a bespoke app developed for your business will make it easier to streamline the way in which your workforce works.

Instead of checking on Facebook (which none of us employees do by the way), they’ll be on your app. Bringing us nicely onto the next point…

Stats at your fingertips

Knowing who has achieved what, who’s been on the app and when, and a whole other host of stats that you can use to effect a substantial amount of change to your business can be a priceless aid in your strategy for weeks, months, or even years to come.

An app developed with your business aims in mind can show you where your business is succeeding, or where it might need to focus.

Streamline processes

Within any business there are an inordinate amount of processes, from holidays & timesheets, to raising a purchase order. Whether your business has five or five thousand process, they could all be more streamlined to require less time. An app doesn’t need to be developed to create a huge change to your business – you can also have bespoke apps that can be developed for a business processes.

Streamlining processes, and day-to-day tasks can free up a whole lot of your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Keep all data in one place

Much like any other tidbits of information, the data you have about anything to do with your business is vital. Instead of having them all over, in spreadsheets, or notes, it is infinitely easier to have them all in one report, or in your hand. An app can provide these at the moment you need them.


A key part of any business is working with others, with those who know something that you don’t or if you’re a part of a team. Having an app where you can store work, collaborate, comment and work on projects is a great way to compartmentalise work. Especially if you work on more than one project – which most people do – this can increase productivity, and eventually increase business potential.

All Things Code are passionate app developers in the Northampton area, and can help you create a bespoke solution to your business needs. To talk to one of our inhouse app developers, get in touch: hello@allthingscode.co.uk

Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content