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My Work Experience at All Things Code

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About me

I am Samuel Muzsnyai, a student at Stopsley High School. For a long time, I have been extremely interested in a career that involves computing. I have been involved in computing lessons at school for over a year and self-teach in my freetime. I have a genuine passion for computers, programming and technology. Due to this, I wanted to have a work experience that would give me an insight to the different areas of computing. Therefore, I am very grateful that I was accepted by All Things Code.

“I have had a really worthwhile experience here at All Things Code. The skills that I have learnt will stay with me throughout my career.”

My First Week

On the first day, I worked with Alex, the front-end developer who talked me through the process of designing the websites and showed me some CSS. I had never done CSS before but I picked it up quickly. This was very helpful as I had never had the opportunity to work closely with a professional web designer.

For the rest of the first week, I was set a project to design and code my own website. This gave me the chance to work and learn independently, receiving advice and feedback from the guys in the office. My website was designed in a program called Sketch, this was very fun to use and gave me the blueprints for the construction of my website. My theme was based off of a video game series called Half-Life, which I am very enthusiastic about. Through development, I practiced my HTML/CSS skills as well as a bit of JavaScript. I also had the chance to use a subscription service called ‘Lynda.com’, this enabled me to learn through the distribution of files and video tutorials. A highlight of the first week was having the chance to be able to use one of the Mac desktops.

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My Second Week

On the first day of the second week, I worked with Aaron, the back-end developer who explained intermediate JavaScript concepts to me, as well as the history of JavaScript and how he makes a website go live. What Aaron taught me was challenging but fun, I made notes and working with him was incredibly helpful. I explained my interest in ethical hacking and security, and he gave me some pointers in the right direction. For the rest of the week, I practiced my JavaScript skills and continued my website.


I have had an amazing experience at All Things Code. At first, the 8 hour days are tiring but less so as you go on. The experience in an office and the skills that I have learnt have been invaluable. It has been really fun, educational and relaxed. Doing work experience here has been very worthwhile, and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest or passion for code.

If you want to have great work experience like I have, contact All Things Code by e-mail hello@allthingscode.co.uk or call 01604 866961.

Sam Muzsnyai