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National Apprenticeship Week 2015 – Starting my career


My name is Calum Smith and I started my Apprenticeship with All Things Code at the beginning of February, with a programme of learning with Starting Off. It is my first ever job, though I spent two years in college beforehand with a small amount of work experience. Already within these first few weeks I have learnt so much about coding, thanks to Chris Burton, that I can already make a decent web site! Working here has been an eye-opener on how business works with a small team, consulting with clients so each project is with us from start to finish.

Having been quite a shy person most of my life having to pick up the phone and speak to a client I have never met before was something of a hurdle, but the team have been fully supportive to help me practice talking to clients both those who call in, and those who visit us at our barn.

Adapting to the lifestyle and sleeping routine of a worker from the ‘no responsibility in the morning’ pattern of being an 18 year old student, I found it quite pleasant to wake up in the morning with a clear path of what I wanted to do in that day – I’m nervous yet excited about what the next 12 months might bring me if I’ve come this far already in my apprenticeship!

Being an apprentice is not like school, or college, despite both of those being the same in all honesty. An apprentice does not have specific deadlines for my ‘units’, which I have the option to choose which ones I want to do beside 6 mandatory ones. I come to work to work, as the units are done side-by-side with my job as I do daily bits and bobs in and around the office to meet the criteria. No stress, woo! Like I said, excited. With a great atmosphere and passion to build something for myself as a goal, I’m thrilled to work here and continue learning.

Link: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/national-apprenticeship-week-2015

Calum Smith

Digital Office Apprentice