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Steve Archer, Head of SEO & Content

Digital Introduction of Steve Archer. All Things Code's Head of SEO & Content.

The digital world is something that excites me. The ever changing landscape, morphing and twisting into a metaphorical City of Oz – where anything is possible and even the Tin-Man can get a heart.

I believe that everyone and anyone can succeed online. The digital maelstrom is a wonderful mix of everything, and best of all a lot of it just takes a little knowledge to get the most out of it… small companies can make a big impact and compete with the bigger guys.

I started my online life back in the days of Myspace, and haven’t stopped since. Immersing myself in all aspects of social media, website design, search engine marketing, SEO and everything digital. My experience comes from a wide variety of industries and voluntary experience; ranging from the technical to the not so technical, and everything in between.

My job role as Head of SEO & Content is an incredible chance to help companies effectively streamline their online presence, creating an increased brand awareness, and essentially increase business.

The right digital knowledge empowers the smaller companies, letting them challenge the bigger corporations

The best description I can come up with for All Things Code is that if you’re working with us we aren’t a third-party marketing agency; we’re your digital partner. Our success is your success, and we work alongside you to achieve your business goals.

We will guide you, and advise you, and help you with your digital needs.

If you’re interested in the online world I will be blogging for All Things Code about, well, all things code – and more – touching on industry news, digital insights, hints, tips, and even the odd case study here and there.

Be sure to come back to see more of us, and if you have any questions – I’m pretty approachable: steve@allthingscode.co.uk

Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content