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On page SEO: how your website content affects your ranking

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On-page SEO is a mix of everything about your page

On-page SEO is a huge factor that determines your search engine rankings – if your content doesn’t fit with what you say it does, then the search engine’s see that as a negative.

Your SEO strategy will include technical SEO, which will include metadata, schema tags, and the like… But what about your on-page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

The short answer: the content you have on your web page.

The long answer: All your information provided to the viewer of your site, correlated to their search terms, and rated on authenticity, quality, and how much the viewer found the content helpful – Google only wants the information that people want to find.

The type of information that Google uses from your web page are:

Meaning that it’s not just what you write, but also what you’ve written about your page in the background; Title tag and image alt text being two very good factors that are easy to do depending on your CMS.

In any blog that I post regarding SEO (like my ‘Business SEO for Beginners’ blog) I will always come back to this caveat:

Content is King

And quality, as the backbone of your content, should be included within your business content strategy – whether that is website copy, blogging, PR, social media, emails, etc… Everything needs to be quality.

What is Quality?

Quality, in it’s simplest terms, can be defined as the value of the content – how good was it to the end user?

Does it answer the questions that they asked? That is, does it answer the question they typed into the search engine?

The way people search these days is much more naturalistic flow, a conversational approach to searching; instead of going to the Desktop browser, as people did in the days of Ask Jeeves, they now hold down a button and speak to search – making it much more conversational, and much more personable.

The algorithm’s used by the search engines really focus on the person doing the asking, not on the website.

How Easy is On-Page SEO to do?

On-page SEO is a relatively easy aspect of the SEO struggle, essentially all you need to do is focus on ensuring your website users are getting a good experience.

The following list will help you to get a grasp on the basics of on-page SEO:
Original content; this is key – if your content is found elsewhere on the web, it can have serious detrimental effects to your rankings

Your On-Page SEO Checklist

If you want to ensure your on-page SEO is fully optimised, you should do all of the following:

All Things Code will happily guide you or provide training for you to master your SEO. For more SEO tips, or for advice on any digital marketing, do not hesitate to get in touch and let us become your digital partners.

Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content