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Online Gladiators – how to survive in the digital arena

All Things Code's digital marketing tips to survive the digital arena
Becoming a digital warrior is easy, just follow our tips

For anybody involved in business that isn’t currently engaging with their audience online, or even those who are only doing the minimum possible – a website, a barely active Facebook page, and a likewise sparsely populated Twitter account – are missing out on the key area of business in today’s society.

Your digital marketing strategy should take into account social media as a linchpin – an integral part – of any of your strategies. No matter your business, there’s a social platform for you.

A social presence will add an extra layer to your product – the more places people can find you, the more chance you’ll have of getting more business. It’s as simple as that, 1 + 1 = 2, and the huge benefit of social media is that practically everyone is on it and where are they on it? In their lounge at the weekend watching Netflix and looking at your product.

Being online is a fantastic way to increase your business opportunity, people these days look at several places online and review, compare, and analyse which place to purchase from.

Standing out in the market these days is no longer dependant solely on your product or service – appearance is integral. In an earlier All Things Code post called ‘Is your website a successful shop window for your business?’ Chris offered tips on how small changes to your website will create more business for you:

These website tips offered are a great way to begin your online strategy, but the digital world is a battleground – a gladiator ring – and in order to survive, you’ll need to up your game. These tips will help you survive in the digital arena:

Define your goals

The first part of your strategy should be defining what a tick in the win column looks like for your business. Are you looking for a sale, a lead, or attendance to an event?
Your goal defines the future of your digital campaign; user experience, calls to action, contact forms, email newsletters, the list can go on – without defining your goals, you may go the wrong way down the digital path.

Social media is necessary

Social media is an all-seeing-all-knowing monster in the online market. Whether or not you are on social media, I can guarantee that your clients are. And they’re talking about your product – without a social presence you could be missing out on ideal situations to be a part of the conversation.

The huge benefit of social media is that practically everyone is on it

The thing to ensure is that you are on the right social platforms. If your business is an abattoir, it doesn’t matter what filters you use; Instagram isn’t for you. Make sure you’re on the social sites where your customers can logically find you; likes, followers, hashtags, customer service, and all the rest. A good social strategy will increase your brand awareness, as well as the incredible SEO benefits for your website.

Content is King

It is an old saying, but it has stood the test of time for a very good reason; content is king. It is becoming more and more relevant the more advanced search engine algorithms become. In the olden days of online search, it was all about keyword density – the higher amount of specific words, the higher you were in the rankings – now it is all about three things:


Content may be King, but consistency is the Queen; if your content is all over the place – whether it’s an offer, a product listing, or an opinion – stay consistent. If a product listing is different on Facebook to what it says on your website, you can say goodbye to that customer.


A very, very, important thing to remember is to schedule your posts. come up with a few, and make sure that you’ve got them scheduled. This not only ensures that you don’t forget to post that blog, or upload that picture to Twitter, it also frees up a lot of your time during office hours.

Analyse & Repeat

Analyse the results of your social media. Where did you go right or wrong? Change your method accordingly and streamline your online potential by generating the most effective social strategy for your business.
Social media and content is a thing we’re passionate about here at All Things Code, we offer services to satisfy all of your digital needs. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you succeed.

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Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content