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Software Helping Business Growth

Businesses can benefit from bespoke software development

UK businesses are feeling positive about the economy and many are planning or executing growth plans, happy days! This positivity leads to new employment to help with increased workloads, while clever leaders are already making sensible decisions and putting efficiencies in place to support growth. Even our finance managers once again have a smile on their face.

Even our finance managers once again have a smile on their face.

While carefully managed growth is great, the alternative can lead to unprofitable results or even damaging what was once a successful business. Keeping tabs on not getting an overworked, stressed workforce is one to keep an eye on for me. In a healthy market career options are plentiful for our people, so retaining key personnel is imperative!

Reflecting on this I feel really positive about the conversations the team are having at All Things Code. As you can see from my previous blog Employee Engagement & Custom Business Apps, I’m a believer that sensible software decisions can help execute a business strategy while ensuring you retain your talent.

Empowering teams

In several client meetings we’ve noticed leaders of companies empowering their team to investigate and plan new software solutions for their future growth. I personally think this is such a key step, ensuring the team is committed to the solution and that the deliverables will improve efficiencies. It’s easy as a leader to think that you know every process, but in many cases we are detached from the day to day tasks, with our teams best placed to investigate improvements.

The other observation is that businesses appear much more open minded when it comes to software options. Companies aren’t just saying “let’s get Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics in”. They’re reviewing their requirements and making educated decisions based on their specific needs.

Build vs. Buy: How to Know When You Should Build Custom Software Over Canned Solutions – Forbes.com looks at reasons why you should consider investing in custom software.

Article on Forbes.com

The business is actually looking forward to the introduction of new software

The results from such activities are that businesses are truly starting to streamline their processes with the introduction of business applications. The software implementations are getting instant buy-in from the teams, plus the business is actually looking forward to the introduction of new software – when was the last time you witnessed that?

Bespoke custom applications are designed and created for the task in hand. They are designed to walk your teams through a process, resulting in little need for training. An application can carry out a single task or run your whole business, the difference is that each module is designed with your business in mind.

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Dan Harding