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Start talking business Apps


When the words ‘software’ or ‘applications’ are spoken in business, they’re often followed by negativity around cost, support, performance or poor functionality. In some cases, it can result in avoidance of the topic altogether which can mean fewer decisions and little progress being made.

We share, comment and enthuse about the latest and greatest Apps

Outside of business it’s a whole different story; we share, comment and enthuse about the latest and greatest Apps that are changing our lives in one way or another. Now, considering we spend many an hour hard at work, why settle on working for systems and software rather than them working for us?

In a previous business, we arranged ‘system forum’ meetings which were a great way to get feedback from all areas of the business. It’s natural for people to bring their frustrations to these meetings, but often so many quick and inexpensive wins can be gained from such an exercise.

Taking it even further, let’s engage in some creative and disruptive thinking. We have many conversations with people who come to us with ideas for Apps around a new concept or business venture, but very few coming with ideas to solve existing business process issues or pains. Of course we discuss these issues in our business and in most cases we solve them, we may get a new supplier or employ an additional member of the team.

What I suggest is that at that next discussion ask one more question, is there an App for that or can we get an App designed and developed for it?


Dan Harding