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‘TL;DR’ – are your blogs too long?

A blog is something that a lot of businesses have, especially if they want to stand out in their market. But is your blog too long?
Blogs are everywhere, but are they engaging?

‘TL;DR’ means ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’

TL;DR is an acronym that is on the rise when it comes to everything online, but how much could it affect your business?

The average attention span in 2015 is now at 8.25 seconds* – which is marginally less than that of a goldfish – so the chances that you’re still reading this are rather slim.

That’s really the crux of the TL;DR argument – if you haven’t grabbed the attention of the reader in the 8.25 second window you have while they read the opening paragraph or two, you can kiss goodbye to any engagement.

After all, that’s the reason we write these kinds of things: engagement. Blogs are there to add personality to a company, add insight into how that company operates, and how it thinks – but blogs are there for clicks, and links, and all those SEO attributes we love so well.

But how do you know if your audience is going to be receptive of your blog?

Simple: Is it easy to read?

If it’s not easy to read, easy to digest, or easy to understand**, there goes your audience. No matter if your content is the best prose since Shakespeare and his quill and parchment – if it doesn’t flow, the reader will go.

Tips for increasing reader retention

You don't want them to flick through your content and not pay any attention. That's not how you get conversions on your website
You don’t want this to happen

All it takes for your blog to succeed is the right kind of writing, and that all depends on your company and your product/service. Be conscious of your audience when creating content, adjusting to their behaviour could make your blog stand out from the crowd.

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*according to here
**the ‘easy to understand’ part is relative; the more technically minded your content & audience, the more they are likely to understand.

Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content