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User Experience – why you need to test your new app

User Experience is the way in which a user will use your product - it might not be in the way you originally planned
Users might not interact with your app the way you designed it.

Your app could be the best thing since Facebook, but if it isn’t designed the way that people will use it, you’re likely to have an app that doesn’t really take off. Creating an app takes a lot of work, and creating a great app – well that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

What is User Experience?

User experience (abbreviated as UX) is the way in which the end user interacts with any part of your creation – whether that be your website or your app – the way in which a human interacts with your digital presence is a key to success.

So what do you have to do?

Okay, so you’ve created your idea and it’s revolutionary, the first thing you do is write it all down and sketch out some initial designs. You’re off to a great start, the beginnings of a digital revolution that will herald a new age… Provided your users use it the same way as you.

The thing about your own creations, is that you know how to use them – the in’s and out’s of the app – you know where everything goes, so of course you know how to use it. Does your audience?

Design for the user

One thing that some creators might forget is that the user doesn’t know exactly how to use the app that you have created, so it needs to be as seamless as possible – remember simplicity, and you’re in the right area.

Here are some tips from our app developers:

Test, test, and test some more…

The thing about apps, and websites for that matter, is that when you design them you need to keep the end user in mind. In fact, it’s probably easier if you design it from the perspective of your end user.

And then you’ll be halfway there, you can never truly get into the head of your user, so you’ll need to do some User Experience testing to ensure your app is stable and ready before going live.

Apps are all about experience, and people only buy into them if they’re rock solid, easy. People aren’t forgiving and will delete an app within seconds if it falls over. Or you’ll get negative ratings that will stay with you and your app.

Some testing tips, from our app developers:

That last one is key, unless you’ve created a game with instructions on how to win, you need to make sure your app is easy to jump right into – if your audience can’t use the app how they want within the first 30 seconds, they’re going to exit it.

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Steve Archer

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