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What are Gifs? Using gifs in your social media strategy

Gifs can help your digital marketing strategy in a number of ways. Email, Social Media, Blogs...
Spice up your digital marketing with gifs

Gifs (pronounced with a ‘G’ as in Google, not pronounced with a ‘J’ as in Juggle) aren’t all that new, in fact they’ve been around since around 1987 Compuserve developed them, but they’re exploding recently as a method of showcasing emotions, humour, or just to convey a point.

If you don’t know what a gif is, I can almost guarantee that you’ve seen one at some point in your digital life. Someone in your friends list has probably shared one on Facebook or Twitter.

However they’re on the rise in a business sense because their usability is no longer as limited as it used to be.

You can use the .gif file format in emails, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Marketing managers will smile, you will smile, and you'll be making your content more engaging.
Gifs are more engaging than static images

Which is great news for your social strategy, you can post animated multimedia that will grab the attention of the reader, and is easy to digest – it’s a great tool to engage your audience, who maybe don’t want to watch a video, and an image is too static for them to register.

Gifs offer businesses a fresh creative area to explore, with many companies using them with incredible efficiency. Litmus blog post ‘A guide to animated gifs’ shows fantastic ways to use gifs perfectly.

There are tonnes of sites out there where you can get lost browsing gifs to your hearts content. A particular favourite site of mine is Buzzfeed, which uses gifs effectively when conveying points in their articles.

If you fancy a go at using gifs in your digital marketing strategy, there are numerous sites out there where you can create them. These include:

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Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content