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What makes an app? Advice from app developers

Have you ever considered a custom business app? If you haven't maybe this blog will help you see what it is that makes a custom app...
Custom apps – what’s your app idea?

App development is something that All Things Code is very interested in – we are app developers, after all – but it might be something that you yourself are just getting involved in, or researching about, or maybe you’re debating whether you need some custom apps developed for your business…

Whatever the stage of your app developer journey, the first question that you likely need to ask yourself is ‘what makes an app?’… they aren’t just created in a day and popped onto your mobile handset, the process of app development is a rather tricky one.

Why choose an app?

As an application developer, you’re probably wondering why we’re even asking that – but it’s a serious question.

Do you genuinely need an app to do what it is that you’re wanting to do?

Let’s have a look at some scenarios that could mean you might need to swing toward a bespoke app for your business:

Often enough, it’s a mixture of some of those reasons, or even an entirely different one. But an app seems to be the way forward for your business…

It starts with an idea

Whether you wake up in the middle of the night inspired after a dream, or you brainstorm it with your team at the next management meeting – you want a solution to your business woes.

That’s your idea, the one that you want created, and you need to see this vision come to life.

Let’s say, as an example, you wanted a company social tool – a shared network for your many different sites, all showing what people are up to, what company events are coming up, and have access to your team’s diary for the week.

How do you go about brining your vision to life?

Great, now what do you do?

You can either, if you have the skillset, sit down and begin planning out the app. Or, if you’re in need of some technical knowhow and a bit of digital elbow-grease, you could reach out and contact an app development company (hint: All Things Code).

What the company will do is sit down with you to work out all the kinks of your app idea – what will work, what you can do, and what it’ll be like; consider the app developers to be the architects of your idea – helping you design the perfect solution, while ironing out all the hiccups that might occur.

All Things Code, as an example, will create a solution with you – working towards your goals, but adding our expert knowledge on how custom apps can work with businesses – this will streamline all your ideas into a workable solution.

So what makes an app?

As the Bard said: ‘therein lies the rub’.

Aside from the idea, the code, the design, and implementation, that is… The user.

The people who use the app are essentially what makes it. If it’s not easy to use, or if nobody uses it… well, that’s what breaks an app.

We’ve already discussed the benefits of user-experience (UX) testing in our blog – ‘User Experience – why you need to test your new app’, but we really must stress it again; the way in which a person uses your app should be the your top priority.

Custom. Focused. Unique.

A custom business app is exactly that: custom. It does what it does, because you want it to.

But the reasons behind getting your app developed will probably stem from a business need, and likely from one very particular (if a little vague) area; efficiency.

Efficiency is a buzzword that is on every agenda, if it’s not called efficiency it’s called ‘time-management’, ‘productivity’, or any other number of buzzwords you can think of the all amount to one underlying truth:

In business time is money, and the longer you spend on doing something; the more it costs you.

So an app for your business, while it can be an added cost, could save you a lot in the long run. That is essentially why it does what it does, after all, the bottom line is what matters to business.

Whether you choose to reach out to an app developer, do it in house, or have a completely different idea; ensure that there is a way for you to measure your ROI, without it there’s no way to know for sure that it’s working.

If it’s something that has revolutionised your business for the better – maybe you’re ready for the next big challenge.

We at All Things Code are experts in the field of app development and design; if you want a custom app for your business, but you don’t know where to go to get one, our barn is easily accessible on the outskirts of Northampton, so get in touch or come along for a coffee and a chat – we’re a fairly friendly bunch.

Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content