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What to post and when: a social media strategy

The key to any social media strategy is knowing where your audience is; are they on Facebook? Are the on Twitter...
Using social media is a great way to increase brand awareness

The online world is a huge part of any business, and with online being as prominent as it is – and it’s only increasing – the best way to be seen in this ever present digital jumble, is to make sure you have an effective social strategy.

Social media is an incredible tool that you can use, and the best part about it is that – for the most part – it is free. And free is always good. But the key part to social media for business boils down to two parts; ‘What do I post?’ and the far more important ‘When do I post?’

The ‘what’ is the easy side of the equation, and it can be boiled down into a simple question:

What is your audience interested in?

And that’s it, post things that are interesting to your audience. If you’re promoting your product constantly, then the potential customer will get bored and you can say goodbye to that follow.

The customer already knows you sell what you sell, that’s why they’re there at your Facebook or Twitter page, they don’t need you to shout about it to them. If you are promoting your product/service, it should be in the way you promote it to existing buyers: promotions. discounts etc.

the best part about social media is that it’s (mostly) free – free is always good.

The answer to ‘when’ depends on your audience. I remember being in a conference and being told about a company who were experimenting with social media, and posting time: they were selling a product to new mothers, and weren’t seeing the optimal impressions and engagement on their page at the times they were posting.

So they did some research and took a gamble – they posted at 3am.

It worked. New mothers were up at 3am to feed their newborn child. This person has needs that exist outside of business hours. And what will a new mother do when feeding her baby? Scroll through social media.

When to post isn’t affected by your product, or what you’re saying. It depends entirely on your potential customer.

So do your research and find out more about the behaviour of the customer, and make sure your strategy works around them.

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Steve Archer

Head of SEO & Content