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App development for business – an introduction


Last week provided us with an opportunity to spend a day in a large organisation delivering an “App Awareness” session. The objective was to discuss the benefits of Apps within today’s business environment, while introducing tools and methods on how to start developing internal Apps.

The audience presented a dynamic mix, from individuals with technical and design skills to business leaders and heads of departments. The diversity of skills and roles resulted in an interesting conversation around the introduction of Apps and mobile strategy within a business.

The organisation had spent time discussing how processes could benefit from a migration to mobile devices, with specific App concepts designed and planned to improve internal processes. These investigations never progressed into solutions, but hopefully with some new knowledge and our shared experiences of delivering mobile apps for businesses, they will get their first project off the ground.

Do we wait or do we start with something small?

During the session a question was asked that got me thinking; “Do we wait or do we start with something small?”. I think it was a great indicator for me of where businesses are with their mobile strategy. They can see the benefit, they know they will end up introducing business apps, but they need support to get the process moving.

In 2012, when myself, and now business partner at All Things Code were part of the leadership team at ACS, a successful office solution business (www.acs365.co.uk), we backed a project to give every member of staff an Apple iPad. At that time there was almost no collateral or research for us to present to our colleagues to demonstrate how this was going to revolutionise the way we did business. We went on the belief and a vision that we could streamline processes and enhance experiences while delivering the return on investment that we committed to the business.

Although we are still at the early adoption stage of internal Apps for business, it’s our opinion that it is the way software will be used in business. If you would like to find out more about introducing Apps into your business, feel free to get in touch.

Dan Harding