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A web strategy for success

Photo credit: Northampton Herald & Post article ‘New test kits look to save lives
DTK Water is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water testing equipment and reagents

A great looking website is nice to have, but when it’s backed up by a comprehensive and cohesive web strategy it can really deliver results. DTK Water engaged with All Things Code to not only refresh their website, but also offer ideas and advice to win more sales and grow key product areas through the web.

DTK Water is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water testing equipment and reagents for water systems. Their existing website had all of the technical detail their customers wanted, but needed a new look to support the continued and rapid growth of the business.


With a large amount of technical product detail, it was key for us to deliver a design with an emphasis on clear and simple navigation. We wanted to produce a fresh feel but provide ease of reference for DTK Water’s customers.

The wider strategy

Providing a new look for the website was just the start, and it was quickly followed up by a number of improvements designed around making the site as effective at winning new business as possible. These included weighting the content to promote key products, making the site easy to update and improving the search, as well as promoting the company’s Made in Britain message and quality YouTube content. We also advised DTK Water on e-procurement and work with their team to deliver a seamless click-to-buy experience for their clients.


With a great ‘Made in Britain’ story to tell, and new product releases and successes to communicate, we built an easy to update blogging tool and shared some best practice tips for maximising the use of Linkedin.

We work with the DTK team to regularly review the site and its performance, while continuing to implement the company’s web strategy.


Dan Harding