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All Things Code is a creative software development company with experience and expertise in delivering mobile and web strategies. Our team of business experts, technical wizards and designers work together to transform businesses.

Our approach

Solving problems through creative thinking and design.

Best practices

Simply put, we keep our code simple. Efficient, beautiful code results in easy to maintain systems that can grow and evolve with your business. We choose our programming languages, frameworks and platforms carefully, ensuring security, dependability and longevity are our top priorities.

  • Fast code
  • Modern standards
  • Optimised for speed

    Built to modern standards


The success of every project relies on the end user and they're at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house designers craft each element of every project. We love clean, simple and effective designs that require no training and have instant impact.

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Stunningly simple

    Attractive, intuitive and easy to use


Down time is not an option. Your systems and website must be reliable, dependable and always available. Our cloud infrastructure is hosted in London data centres packed with redundancy. We wouldn't sleep if we thought for a moment that our client's data was at risk, so for peace of mind for us all we make sure it isn't.

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Secure

    Robust and monitored


It's good to talk. We have an open approach when it comes to connecting to other systems. Secure integrations allow us to talk to specialist services, enhancing the software and reducing repetition and duplication.

  • API integration
  • Open standards
  • API support

    An open approach

Pre and post launch

Software and website projects can seem big and intimidating if you haven't been through them before (and sometimes especially so if you have!) We will manage the whole process from the initial concept through to a launch and beyond.

Projects succeed or fail as result of both careful preparation and continual promotion and development.

  • Modular software
  • Launch support
  • Modular approach

    Post launch support


We build mobile and web apps to improve and streamline business processes. We believe good design is key to both engagement and enjoyment.

App development

Our focus is designing engaging sites with a goal driven approach. We tell your story in an authentic way with a fast, simple, responsive website.

Effective websites
Sign In App

All Things Code is also the home of Sign In App; a modern, enjoyable way to sign in visitors and staff. The team continues to support and develop new features in the app, replacing visitor books with a fast, easy to use touch screen experience.


See what we've been working on. Take a quick tour through our recent projects.

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