Project Gallery

As creatives and developers we're inspired by the businesses we work with. Across many different industries, they all share common goals around quality, continual improvement and employee engagement.

Here are some of the team's favourite projects so far;

1. Office Space in Town Apps

Boutique office space with a big personality.

When Office Space in Town wanted to increase meeting room bookings at their boutique serviced offices in London and across the UK, they came to All Things Code with an idea to create an app. With themed offices full of character, we worked with OSiT to create an app that not only streamlined the booking process (integrating with existing CRM systems), but also added value to their clients and embraced the Office Space in Town brand.

The app is now rolling out across 11 sites throughout the UK, with additional features including bedroom booking, tube and weather status updates, noticeboards, games, leaderboards and a directory for residents.

London Liverpool Street
Integration via API
2. Lucas Apps & Website


Led by lean innovator Danny Lucas, Lucas is one of the UK construction industry's leading specialist fit out and finishing contractors. Our partnership began with the development of a new website and CMS to showcase the amazing projects and history of the company.

Lucas then engaged All Things Code to develop a bespoke app for staff. The goal was to track time on site, identify waste, centralise admin and speed up communications. Phase 1 used QR codes on the team's safety badges to clock in and out of site quickly and easily. A facility to track onboarding documents was also introduced to the app.

Phase 2 is currently being deployed, adding quality assurance, benchmarking and work sign offs. Purchase orders and fast accident reported have also been added.

The Android & iOS app serves as a hub for Lucas staff and contractors on site.

Lucas's suite of online tools recently extended to include management of their supply chain. Lucas operates with a trusted network of suppliers and contractors, carefully vetted on their safety credentials.

By moving to an online system, Lucas can ensure all of their partners have up to date accreditations at all times.

3. Kelly Smith MBE Website

England Women’s all-time leading goalscorer

Kelly Smith MBE is a former lioness with 40 international goals to her name. In 2017, the Arsenal Ladies and Team GB star retired from professional football to pursue new career opportunities in coaching, management and media.

All Things Code worked with Kelly to create a website that reflected her personality and beliefs, recognising Kelly's incredible achievements over a 23 year career, and highlighting commercial opportunities, coaching and personal appearances.

4. ACS Recruitment Apps & Website

As passionate about technology as placing people.

As a rapidly growing business, ACS Recruitment quickly saw the benefits a comprehensive online system would bring. With hundreds of temporary workers to schedule and manage on clients' sites each day, the team required tools to ensure service levels remained high while keeping costs down as the company expanded.

After investigating the options available and finding no good fit, the senior management team decided to embark on developing a bespoke system to cover every aspect of the business.

Over a multi-year project which still continues today, the team has worked with All Things Code to design and develop a system from scratch to meet ACS Recruitment's exact needs. The scope included intelligent auto-matching of jobs to candidates, daily tracking of schedules and the development of a new integrated website.

A competitive edge

These robust, bespoke systems have enabled ACS Recruitment to win exclusive contracts with industry leaders and recognised brands such as Dr Martens and Urban Outfitters.

ACS Recruitment's website, also designed and developed by All Things Code, brings everything together with a new brand identity and modern experience which has resulted in a 200% increase in candidate job applications.

  • 80,000 shifts scheduled

    6,000 candidates registered

Recruitment evolved, and evolving

ACS Recruitment's platform continues to develop and the latest phase sees the system generate payroll for each of its temporary workers. An upcoming client and candidate portal will speed up registration and provide clients with more access to information than ever before.

A key part of the business strategy moving forward, ACS Recruitment continues to invest in its technology.

5. Ocee Design Apps & Website

Centralised product information and assets

With a fast growing business, multiple offices, a nationwide network of dealers and frequent releases of new products, Ocee Design approached All Things Code to help them build a revolutionary new technology platform to power their sales and marketing operation.

The Ocee Hub was designed to serve as a central store of product information. By moving photos, videos and documents to the cloud, Ocee gained more control, monitoring download activity and ensuring the latest assets were always used. This easily searchable central store has become the primary source of information, removing the need to duplicate data across websites, apps and network drives.


Easy emailing of product information was always at the heart of the Hub. A bespoke, searchable and branded experience, that's been used over 2,500 times to date.


All Things Code developed the Ocee Design website including a fresh look, a modern CMS and product information powered by the Ocee Hub.


The Hub is currently being rolled out in multiple languages to other companies within the Ocee International Group.

Apps that showcase Ocee's impressive range of high quality products are available on the App Store and Google Play.

On tablets, these apps download the full catalogue for offline use, and can be used as a kiosk, as a tool for Ocee's external sales team, or by the end user and dealers directly. All powered by the Hub.

6. LitterGram App & Website

LitterGram is an app for reporting litter and flytipping. Snap it. Share it. Sort it.

Over 10,000 registered users

>100 users joined per minute during The One Show on BBC1

The brainchild of All Things Code client Danny Lucas, LitterGram uses the power of users' phones and social media to crowdsource litter data, educating and forcing change across Britain.

All Things Code developed the technology behind LitterGram, including iOS and Android apps, the council portal, website and social media.

UK litter map

The litter crisis currently costs Britain £1bn per year. All reports are plotted on a UK litter map, helping councils to use resources more effectively, identify litter grot spots and clear up the mess.

The data is shared with councils via a free online portal with KPIs and daily reports by email. No integration is required and councils can sign up and start communicating with residents in minutes.

Car mode prototype
LitterGram LIVE
International press
US launch
7. Purely Digital Services Website

Leading digital talent.

Purely Digital Services provides IT services and recruitment for the public sector. All Things Code helped design and build an integrated website for the business with a bold look and feel.

Brand concepts for a new, dynamic business wanting a bright, fresh look.

Incorporating the owners' vision through images, colours and typography.

CVs uploaded to the site are automatically injected into Purely's CRM.

8. Sign In App Apps & Website

Visitor and staff sign in for a new generation.

Sign In App is a simple concept well executed. Replacing visitor books with a cloud based app, it's suitable for every business, providing accurate fire lists and a searchable visitor history. With over 500,000 visitors having used the app, its success relied on a polished user experience and rock solid infrastructure.

Sign In App combines an enjoyable and elegant experience (creating a great impression) with technology that helps streamline the process. As guests sign in, their details are stored in a secure visitor management portal in the cloud, providing real time information and reports.

Sign In App is our own product, so is continually developed by the team with new features released monthly.

9. StopAlert App

A new tool for the construction industry, StopAlert is a technology solution designed around Lean principals. The app helps track, monitor and communicate stoppages on-site with the goal of reducing waste and costs.

App and online portal

Construction sites vary massively in size and structure, from individual buildings to sprawling complexes and high-rise skyscrapers. With teams of contractors working in harmony to progress the project with as few costly stoppages as possible, communication is key. StopAlert is in every pocket, alerting instantly with a push notification when work has stopped.

Visibility of stoppages and the causes helps the teams on site deploy countermeasures and preventative measures to protect against future stops. A web portal provides an overall view of the project to the main contractor.

10. CREST App

Crest Scaffolding had the vision to incorporate technology into the process of booking work on-site.

Payroll, health & safety and project progress

All Things Code worked closely with the Crest Scaffolding team to develop a bespoke application for use on-site. Gangs book their work using the app as it's completed, calculating their pay, generating important health and safety documents which are signed on screen, and updating the team at head office as to the overall progress on the project.

The app is currently being used on pilot sites before a wider roll out later this year.

  • On screen sign-off

    Streamlined data input

    Reduced paperwork

11. Cube Disability & Arts Website

A fun and modern day care service for adults with learning disabilities and autism

The team at Cube Disability have big personalities, so when they approached All Things Code to design and develop their new website, we went big. Bright colours, fun typography and a focus on their brilliant clients, bringing together the company's Care Services and Arts Academy.

Built on our custom web platform with a simple CMS, the Cube team manage their own site, regularly uploading photos of clients, activities, holidays and adventures.

The team recently launched 'Hello Disability' a new magazine that we helped design to share the company's bright new look.


Employee engagement

Local office solutions firm ACS approached All Things Code to help develop a new way to manage the appraisal process for its 100 employees.

Employee engagement was a high priority for the company, and the appraisal project was part of a technology strategy that included every employee receiving an company iPad. The appraisal app was first launched to the team in 2014 and continues to be in use today.

The appraisal form component of the app was an interactive, enjoyable experience with drag and drop elements, selectable images and probing questions.

After the form was completed, the employee's manager could review the answers and add comments, adding objectives for the following year.

The app was customisable with a focus on objectives and goals for the employee and ACS. A vision board set achievable personal goals.

13. All Things Business Website

Local business news, editorially led

Launched alongside a new magazine at the beginning of 2017, the All Things Business website set out to deliver local business news in a fresh, modern way. All Things Business stands out in print with editorially led content, presented in an attractive, distinct way. The website took inspiration from this with clutter free articles with large images, focussing attention on the content and editorials.

All Things Code's bespoke CMS allows the ATB team to publish articles within minutes of receiving them, ensuring the All Things Business website is always first for local business news.

14. SchoolShare App & Website

Connecting parents and carers to schools

Schools today are busy places. With events and clubs on the increase there’s always something going on before, during or after school. A challenge has always been how to communicate quickly and easily with parents and this is where SchoolShare comes in.

Parents and carers can download the free SchoolShare app and subscribe to their child's school feeds for news, updates, documents and photos. The online portal used by teachers and school staff is simple and easy to use, while the push notification feature ensures they can alert parents quickly to urgent information.

15. Symply Pet Foods App

Simple restocking

Symply Pet Foods is the company behind quality pet food brands Symply, Canagan, Piccolo and Cheshire Cat. The company supplies wholesome, balanced and natural foods through a national network of retailers. To help streamline the ordering process for retailers, Symply asked All Things Code to develop a mobile and web application.

Integration with Symply's Sage accounts system allows easy inviting of new retail users. The app lists all products and package sizes and controls ordering through minimum quantities on products. Total order weight is calculated to identify if the order will arrive on a pallet. The despatch note is automatically generated by the system.

16. Tom Hewer Catering Apps & Website

Local food excellence

Following the development of a website for Franks Hamburger House, All Things Code is currently designing a site for new fine dining restaurant Hibiscus. The restaurants are both part of Tom Hewer Enterprises.

In addition to the restaurants, Tom Hewer Catering provides food and beverages through mobile food units, stadia catering, pop up restaurants and more. To help manage its network of partners, All Things Code developed an web based app for mobile units to apply. Catering partners are managed through an online portal by the Tom Hewer Catering team.

17. Frem App

Web based CRM

Furniture manufacturer Frem had a requirement for a simple CRM to manage clients and build quotations, sales orders and purchase orders. Having seen examples of All Things Code's work at other companies, they felt a system developed specifically for their needs would help the business as it continued to grow.

The system allows salespeople to easily build quotes and generate fully branded proposals as PDFs. Forecast information is captured for reporting and follow up reminders can be set. On order, SOs and POs can be generated.

18. MCE Insurance App

The people portal

MCE Insurance has a large workforce with many employees under 25 years of age. With hundreds of shift rotas to maintain, the company approached All Things Code to develop a bespoke web app to manage employee schedules. This incorporated a clocking in system to ensure any adherence and timekeeping issues were addressed.

To ensure employees didn't view the new system in a negative light, MCE included holiday requests and shift swapping in the initial phase of the project. The system is hosted on-premise and was designed and branded to suit MCE's brand and corporate culture.

Over 24 months, the portal grew rapidly to incorporate more features for staff. The learning zone provided access to training documentation and tests, while the company's employee newsletter was incorporated into the home page with social features such as liking and commenting. From a static PDF, the team news became a hub of interaction and engagement.

The system proved so popular their employees named it themselves - the People Portal.