The story of my work experience at All Things Code

I am Oscar Billington and I go to Wellingborough school. I have recently finished a week of work experience at All Things Code with my friend Sichi Xie. I’m looking to get into this area of work so I asked if I could do my work experience here. Thankfully I was accepted.

I'm the one on the left

I really enjoyed my work experience at All Things Code. On the first day I had a look at what Chris and Dan did, I had never done anything like this before so I had to get a feel of what it was all about. After I had looked at the type of work that is done here, I looked into a print company that wanted a new website. I was told what they wanted and was given the task of researching other websites of the same nature. This was very enjoyable because I got the chance to get first hand experience of what this company dealt with.

The next day, in the briefing, I was told that I would be designing my own app. This was great news and I was really looking forward to this. We sat down and tried to think of some ideas of apps that hadn’t been done before. Eventually the idea of a universal wish list came up (Wishify). After talking about this for some time Sichi and I then had the task of coming up with the interface and general feel of the app. I really enjoyed this because I got the chance to create something that we could take home with us after the work experience.

On the third day Sichi and I were developing the ‘Wishify’ app even more. We started off by designing an initial interface style for the app, this was to see what worked well or what could be added or improved. We finally came up with a design that we liked. We then proceeded to make a project proposal which meant that we put our ideas onto a document explaining our app. After I had started this, I then logged onto a website called Codecademy. This is a great website for learning to code websites and apps. I really enjoyed the third day because I worked a lot on my app and also I started learning how to code which was a new experience for me.

Codecademy gave me a greater understanding of coding.

On the fourth day I mostly did the Codecademy course which was very exciting, I almost finished the 7 hour course. It had taught me a lot about coding, and I can (probably) design a simple website by myself. I really enjoyed doing the Codecademy course because it gave me a greater understanding of coding. Also a photographer came in from the Business Times to take photos of the company, it was nice that I was involved in them. I also did a little bit extra on the app development, testing a couple of new colours, I enjoyed that as well.

On the final day we finalised the design of the app. It had changed a lot from what Sichi and I first designed. I am really happy at what the app looks like, after we sent the finalised screens over to Chris he made a prototype of the app for me to take away. The prototype worked really well, I am really happy as the app has changed a lot since the first design. I have also finished the Codecademy course which was very enjoyable and taught me a lot about coding.

Final concept

I really enjoyed my week of work experience at All Things Code. I have learned a lot and also got a lot out of it, I designed and made a prototype of an app and did a 7 hour course on coding, It has been very worthwhile and would recommend it.

"Oscar and Sichi were both great to have around the office. They were always willing to get involved and give every aspect of the business a go. Confident and quick learners, we were really impressed with the app concept they developed. We wish them both the best with their careers and hope they stay in touch!" - Chris Burton, Director