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The value of visitor management

Can you put a value on a visitor not having a good experience?

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Now I’m terrible for this, I make a judgement call on a company within a split second of walking into a reception. Do I need to have a row with an intercom, before I get in? Is there someone to greet me or do I walk into an empty lifeless space? Does the person smile or do I get presented with their ‘I’d rather be somewhere else’ face. All are scenarios that we have encountered when going to visit a company’s reception.

I’m not saying that everywhere needs to be luxury. Our barn could do with a bit of budget spending on it, we’re yet to have a receptionist downstairs so we alway try and catch people walking in to provide them with as warm a welcome as possible. Once in the office I think it all falls into place and makes sense, we’re relaxed, friendly and on the whole it’s a pretty enjoyable place to visit.

Can you put a value on a visitor not having a good experience? Is the unhappy face on reception or the lonely two or three minutes on your own enough for them to make a snap judgement on whether or not they are going to do business with you?

You could argue that the real decision will be made with the overall content or presentation within the visit. I’d consider if it’s worth taking the risk. If you turned up to a hotel and wasn’t greeted or guided to what to do next, I think you may feel at a bit of a loose end, should it be different for a visitor to your organisation?

The phrase is “first impressions count” and I’d have to agree, in fact when it comes to business I’d add to that and say so does the second, third and so on. If your best customer is visiting you for the tenth time, I’d want that visit to be as good and memorable as their first. Can you afford to be complacent with your best customers?

This outlook was one of the reasons the All Things Code team developed the Sign In App, a visitor management solution for iPad. The solution is simple by design with one of the key purposes to provide visitors with a great first impression; along with streamlining the visitor management process. The Sign In App not only looks great in receptions, it ensures your visitors agree to adhere to your policies and safety requirements.

The app can seamlessly print a visitor badge or take a photo of your visitor should you require it for security. The management portal allows you to keep a full history of visitors and easily produce an evacuation list in the event of an emergency.

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from an affordable visitor management solution that provides great first impressions, please visit

Sign In App is a modern, enjoyable way to sign in visitors and staff.

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